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You Can Make a Difference

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Be a Part of Real Change

We believe the best way for our mission to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means in which to be part of our mission, then it’s time to Make a Donation and join SENTINELS CANADA efforts.

Become an Active Member

Are you ready to be a voice for children who don't have a voice; ready to see a family become strong again; to see a child's life changed for the better; to see a child move past their pain; for the day a child gets justice in court; for the moment a child opens up and hugs you; when you get to witness a child stand strong in court, to speak their truth without fear; to hear a child give an impact statement and profess they are no longer a victim; to hear a child tell you they have found hope?

You do not need to own a motorcycle to join us!  We have many different opportunities to become involved in our mission.  As a Supporter, you can join us in our events (as long as you have successfully passed a criminal background check (CPIC with Vulnerable Sector Check).

Are you ready to be a Sentinel and stand up for children?


Message Us

Email Us on How You Can Help us with our Mission.  

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